This is the best time to sail the Adriatic Sea

Sailing is one of the most exciting tourist activities in Croatia. When considering its geographic position and corresponding climate, it can be said that the Adriatic is quite a “calm sea”, and safe for sailing throughout the year. However, conditions at sea differ in high season from those at the beginning of the holiday period and towards the end of the calendar year.

The best time to rent a yacht or book a tour on the Adriatic depends on a number of factors, one of them being:

  • weather
  • budget
  • your expectations

If you are planning to sail the Adriatic or you are looking for a perfect tour along the Adriatic Sea you should definitely check the availability of our yachts and choose the one that best suits you.

The best time to sail the Adriatic is immediately, but the start of “activities at sea” is somehow most often connected to April and the Easter period, lasting throughout the year for the most courageous. The safest time, though, is to adhere to the recommendations of the experts, and they say that November is the last train to catch in order to really enjoy the Adriatic’s waves. We should also mention that the “peak season” lasts for 4 weeks, from 15th July until 15th August.

Weather conditions on the Adriatic


The Croatian part of the Adriatic coast is a popular sailing destination, not only for its stunning coves, but also for its sunny days and pleasant climate throughout the year. The Adriatic has an average of 315 sunny days a year – a real little paradise. The peak of the sailing season extends from April right the way to November, with weather conditions being mostly hot and dry, with an average temperature of 28ºC. The winter season in Croatia is characterised by lower temperatures and short rainy periods. Regardless of the weather conditions or the climate in which you like to sail, you can always sail on the Adriatic.

The wind and other conditions at sea

Both the Bora and Jugo are dominant winds in the Adriatic area. The Bora is a dry and cold north to north-easterly wind that records the most powerful gusts in the area of the Velebit Channel and on the Kvarner. The great thing about the Bora is the clean air it leaves behind.

The Jugo is a warm southerly wind, which brings clouds and most often rain. Sometimes the Jugo can bring sand from the African deserts, so if that happens, cleaning the deck of the yacht will be obligatory.

Apart from the Jugo and Bora, if you are going to sail the Adriatic, you can expect these winds too:

  • The Maestral
  • The Burin
  • The Nevera

Sailing the Brijuni Islands, the Northern Adriatic and the Kvarner


Uninhabited islands, sandy beaches, magnificent scents of aromatic wild herbs, picturesque buildings, excellent cuisine…With pearls such as Opatija, Rovinj, the Brijuni Islands and Pula, the north Adriatic is an excellent choice for sailing.

The North Adriatic is a breath-taking place for your on board adventures. Enjoy a relaxing sail and discover the unique National Park of the Brijuni Islands, an archipelago with 14 islands spread across the sea from Pula to Rovinj. Experience a piece of heaven, a real harmony of flora and fauna with old historical monuments. You will get the chance to enjoy a view from the open sea over Rovinj – one of the most romantic places in the entire Mediterranean.

Rovinj is located on a former island, a few houses with narrow streets and small squares is located on a small area that is still intact with modern urbanism.

The Brijuni islands are an area well-known for super-yachts, emanating a rich history and luxury. However, this is also due to their past. In 1893 a wealthy Viennese entrepreneur invested his money in Veliki Brijun to turn it into a health and summer resort for the rich. The Brijuni islands today are open to everyone and if you opt for an Adriatic Holidays sea tour, you will be able to enjoy the nature, flora and fauna as well as the beaches of this National Park.

Enjoy your summer holiday, and if you choose to spend it aboard one of our boats, please don’t forget to bring these things with you as well.

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