Villa Momiano in central Istria

The craftsman house

Refurbished 19th century craftsman house recently renovated with luxurious modern amenities…what more could you want?

Villa Momiano is perfect set up for a private, intimate escape, situated in the heart of the wine
capital of Istria, Momjan. Whether you’re looking for a secluded place to sit and read, or a spacious environment for a full group hangout, Villa Momiano has the spot for you. The two-storey rustic villa provides accomodation for four persons and is entirely air-conditioned.

As ideas about heritage travel are many, we assure you Istria provides as many ideas as you can imagine. It is not only that historical places are so inviting, not only that delights coming from nature such as truffle or wine are so exciting. The experience is not complete without a place to live during these beautiful days, a home that fits into the whole vision.

Villa Momiano is an old craftsman’s house. Located in a village and surrounded by magical greenery, this house was refurbished into a lovely country villa perfect for couples looking for holidays. Decorated to look vintage, but equipped to be as contemporary as you expect, it is a wonderful starting point for a romantic stay in Istria.


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Momjan 1, 52462 Momjan