Visit Grožnjan in Istria – a place for artists

If you want to escape from over-crowded streets and coffee terraces, breathe some fresh air, feel pleasant mornings surrounded by greenery, olive groves and vineyards, then these small localities in the Istrian interior are your ideal destination.

If you would also like your summer destination to be an arts-related place, there is a small town adorned with 64 art galleries and just over 700 inhabitants – Grožnjan – a city of artists and music.

The Grožnjan area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and during the Roman rule, a number of buildings were built here, with the area becoming part of a popular commercial route. In the Middle Ages the city centre became richer for its many walls and castles built by the Romans and later by the Venetians in the late Middle Ages. The majority of these buildings still proudly defend the truth about the rich history of this small town today. It was first mentioned in history under the name Piemonte in 1102 when it was donated to the Church.

Along the narrow streets to reach the medieval centre

What we can say about Grožnjan today is that it is a small Istrian town, located 20 km away from Novigrad and 17 km from Motovun, on top of one of the hills in the peninsula’s interior with the valley of the River Mirna below. Regardless of the direction you choose to come to Grožnjan, you will have to take a narrow road to reach the town centre. There is a spacious car park, where you can park your car at the end of this road, close to the medieval centre. 

It’s worth taking a walk to the medieval centre that has kept its original appearance. Streets, squares, building facades, everything looks like it did in the Middle Ages. It’s an experience that is hard to feel in any other place.

From the edge of the town centre you can see the River Mirna valley, Motovun in the distance and olive groves and fields surrounding Grožnjan in-between.


Grožnjan is a town with distinctive inhabitants

Grožanj is a town of marvellous sounds and sights, and its inhabitants are also special because most of them have a vision, an artistic approach to life. Besides that, in Grožnjan most of them live in their own special world so it is no wonder that every house becomes a kind of stage during the summer, and Grožnjan itself – a platform for all musicians, sculptors and painters.

Almost every alley of this little town in the Istrian interior hosts galleries and ateliers during the summer where works of art are exposed and sold. If you prefer dance or theatre events more than painting, Grožanj has something for you too. 

Peace, but also the excitement that Grožnjan offers to romantic souls is the complete opposite to the crowded terraces by the sea, the large number of yachts and the smell of sunscreen. This little medieval miracle – a town of music and artists is situated just 20 minutes drive from the Adriatic coast.

So, in Grožnjan during the summer you can experience the magical melodies of jazz in combination with a medieval backdrop, the aromas of authentic food and local wine. This, artistic part of Grožnjan, came to life in 1965 when artists from all over the world moved into the abandoned houses at that time.

Only the streets of Grožnjan offer this image of artists, tourists and other art enthusiasts talking wistfully of days gone by and distant places in front of ateliers, on stone benches.

Accommodation in Grožnjan


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This is a place that should be visited at least twice in your lifetime.

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