Vacation onboard – What to bring with you on the deck

You have chosen a different kind of summer holiday this season?  

You are tired of campsites, crowded beaches and hotels so you have decided to sail away on a boat towards the best summer holiday ever. You are sure to agree, a summer holiday on board is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.

A summer holiday spent on a boat organised by Adriatic Holiday means the exploration of all of the most spectacular Adriatic islands from just one place. You can unpack your bags, settle down in a cabin and enjoy the fact that this summer you will avoid having to drag your suitcase around. This time no one is ever going to interrupt your summer holiday in Croatia.

However, how is it possible to convert the idea of a different kind of summer holiday and reach the open sea? Where should you start? What should you pack? Are suitcases even necessary?

Relax, make a cocktail and read on.

Suitcases on board: yes or no?

All of you wanting to try your hand at an adventure called summer holiday on a boat, must be wondering what to pack in your suitcase? We recommend you use one of those soft bags that can be pressed and plunged anywhere, instead of a hard shell wheeled suitcase. Or worse still, one of those metal ones.

If possible, try to keep to one suitcase per person, do not bring too many things.

A travel bag or two is a much smarter solution than a large suitcase. The important thing is that they occupy as little space as possible when emptied.

What kind of clothes should you take on your summer holiday on a boat?

It all depends on the type of holiday you prefer. Are you planning to spend your holiday far away from civilisation or would you rather go out every night? If you prefer to spend most of your nights anchored or tied to a buoy in a cove, you will need nothing more than few T-shirts and shorts. If you are a party animal, try to decide on a couple of party combinations to wear and try not to bring any unnecessary things. And just a quick note with regard to high heels – high heels and boats really do not go together. If really necessary, you can put them on the waterfront, when you go ashore.

As far as the clothes and shoes you will need on board are concerned – the best choice would be a storm suit. If you don’t happen to have one, then a raincoat or waterproof jacket with a hood will serve just as well. Bring waterproof trousers along too but avoid bringing an umbrella, which is definitely an undesirable object on board.

The most practical piece of clothing on a boat is a tracksuit, so bring a spare one just in case one gets wet. Remember to pack your favourite sweatshirts and be sure not to forget your bathing suit. Bring a few pairs of shorts and long trousers and a sweater with you too for colder evenings when at sea.

During your stay on board, the most practical piece of footwear will be gym shoes with soft non-slip soles, flip-flops or slides. You should definitely bring a pair of more resistant sneakers for excursions in the karst areas. The right footwear protects your feet against the impact of boat installations in the cockpit, on the side passages and on the bow. Broken toes are probably the worst type of pain, and blood on the boat’s white gel coat will irretrievably spoil your holiday on board.


Remember to bring the following 3 items on your summer holiday on a boat too:

  • a high SPF sunscreen.  Although sunscreen is understandable, do not forget that you are exposed to strong sunlight for 12 hours a day while on board.
  • your diving mask and flippers. Diving into a sunset or at dawn is one of the most beautiful moments that will remain with you forever.
  • a sleeping bag. Although our yachts dispose of cabins with beds, a particularly special experience is most certainly to lie down on the bow, wrapped up inside your sleeping bag watching the stars under the open sky.

A piece of extra friendly advice to ensure the best summer holiday experience on a boat. The most important behavioural rule on board is to keep everything tidy, followed by saving. Boats are limited in size and it is important to keep everything in its rightful place. Every person on board must return any item they use to where they found it, from the navigation chart to the binoculars, the rope or any other tool, to the bottle opener, glasses, plates or bowls. This rule is also applicable for your personal things.

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