Lesser-known Croatian destinations for a romantic summer holiday

Some destinations are romantic by themselves – something in the air, something in the food, something in the people, something in the unusual combination of usual everyday things.

There is also something about us too, so if we are looking for the ideal destination for a romantic summer holiday there is a scenario in which we can relax and enjoy every moment or, the complete opposite in which we are overly worried and nothing goes as we have planned.

In order to make a stressful search as easy as possible (because nothing is too good for her/him) we are bringing you a list of breath-taking, well-hidden, romantic locations in Istria. Some influencers would pay for those scenarios that will be found in the small places mentioned in this blog with gold…or with truffles. In any case, they would pay for them dearly.

The Mediterranean is stunning, as if emerged from a romantic novel – with its fresh air, its endless pine forests, its high, bright sun, its healthy and delicious cuisine, and its little towns that keep the spirit of ages long forgotten…

That’s why, once again, you can relax, read and choose the best romantic location for the two of you.


Oprtalj: If you are fond of tradition

It is not easy to find the words to describe this pearl. Maybe because it has been ground since prehistory, through the period of the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages and the French rulers enabling it to become the pearl of Istria and Croatia that it is today. Given its rich history, it is a true miracle that it has remained hidden for so long.

Stepping along its narrow cobblestone streets along which legionnaires, researchers, noblemen and peasants once passed, and maybe even St. Geronimo himself, brings with it a special feeling. Namely, there is a legend that this man, who was responsible for translating the Bible into Latin, was born in Oprtalj.

The beautiful Istrian frescos that adorn the historic buildings in the centre of this small town, where you will immediately recognise the remains of the Serenissima. A marvellous landscape, old stone houses, forests and tablelands, cycling trails that are all visible from a plateau from which, we are sure, you will want to capture a special moment with your camera.

As the centre of your mini getaway for two, you can choose the Palazzo Angelica, a modernly furnished hotel-villa with a rich past. This villa was built in the 19th century and is equipped with an outdoor pool, an indoor Spa whilst it also gives its visitors the chance to enjoy the most delicious specialities.

Another place that is certain not to disappoint even the most demanding lovers. Your stay in villa Cali will fill you with energy and offer you a unique romantic experience. Should we point out that it has an outdoor pool, a private car park, a modernly furnished outdoor area for relaxation and sunbathing as well as a number of other facilities?


Grožnjan: If you are fond of art

If you want to get away from the overly crowded beaches and waterfronts, to breath in some fresh air and feel the pleasant summer mornings surrounded by greenery and stone, then these small places in the Istrian interior are the perfect destination for you.

The peace offered by Grožnjan to romantic souls is the total opposite of the crowded terraces by the sea, the huge amount of yachts and the smell of sunscreen. Just around a 20 minute drive from the Adriatic shore, this little medieval miracle emerges – a small town of music and art.

So, during the summer you will be able to experience the magical sounds of jazz in combination with the aromas of authentic food, wine and the stonewalls in Grožnjan. This, artistic part of Grožnjan, came to life back in 1965 when the abandoned houses of the time were inhabited by artists from all over the world.

Only on the small streets of Grožnjan will you be able to see how artists, tourists and other art enthusiasts wistfully speak about past times in front of a gallery, on the stone benches.

Bed&Breakfast villa Artegnana 1798 will host you in its modernly furnished apartments and you will leave Grožnjan fully fed, happy and even more in love, impatiently waiting the chance to come back here.

Momjan: If you are fond of good wines

A small place in the Municipality of Buje whose inhabitants are mostly occupied with agriculture, viticulture, olive and fruit growing as well as tourism, will gladly host any couple in love on their romantic getaway.

You should definitely include a “wine tasting tour” in your excursion.

The area of Momjan has been inhabited since the prehistoric period, and today is divided into two parts. One is the Donji Momjan (Lower) symbolised by a castle on the cliff and the other, Gornji Momjan (Upper) where the village is situated.

Besides its rich past, Momjan will thrill you with its stunning renovated houses. One of them being a 19th century Artisan’s house that was recently renovated and includes a luxury modern facility …what more could anyone wish for?

It is precisely the artisan’s house which today is more commonly known as villa Momiano that offers itself as the centre of your romantic excursion in Istria. A swimming pool, plasma TV, Wi-Fi and everything else you would expect in an unexpectedly pleasant environment.

You just need someone to love and that’s it.

Wherever you decide to go, we wish you all the luck, love and wonderful memories.

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