Istria – a new star in the world of wines, the following ones being the best

Secretive Istrian hosts have been making top quality wines since time immemorial. For the most part, the soil and climate in Istria are suitable for creating the finest wine stories; so why not take advantage of such a wealth…

A whole new ballgame, though, is the presentation and promotion of these wines. As if the people of Istria had not been aware of the rich and special tastes hidden in their cellars and barrels.

Today, thanks to the work and engagement of experts and enthusiasts, Istrian wines have found their place on the wine lists of the world’s most famous restaurants, magazines and in the awareness of oenological experts.

How did the rise of Istrian wines begin?

The people of Istria are a hardworking and persistent people and have approached the promotion of their premium wines in the same way.

They planned the whole process that began in the early 2000s well. The first phase focused on presenting the autochthonous variety – Istrian Malvasia. After that was achieved, leading Istrian wine makers then started to experiment with rich and mature Malvasias, making these wines the world classics they are today.

Since 2005, Istrian red wines have also grown strongly. Some have gained cult status while other wines have become status symbols. Besides their taste, what makes Istrian varieties particularly attractive is their excellent value for money.

The Istrian wine varieties you should try

Apart from Istrian truffles, the mention of Istria also brings the excellent Istrian wines that define Istria nowadays to mind.

White and red wines definitely worth a try are listed below.

Istrian Malvasia is an indigenous variety of Istria. Did you know that 60% of all wines produced here refer to this variety? The colour of Istrian Malvasia can vary from golden to straw yellow, and its scent is irresistibly reminiscent of the black locust flower. Its taste is a perfectly rounded whole.

Momjan Muškat, which is also known as Istrian Muškat, is also an autochthonous variety belonging to the area around the town of Momjan, found in north-western Istria. This Muškat is unique precisely because of its micro location, special climate and location. Its sumptuous aromas and rich taste will be appreciated as soon as you taste this golden yellow wine.

Is there a better opportunity to taste this wine than a wine tour that will enrich your holiday at Villa Momiano?

Some of the other white wines you can taste on this special wine tour are Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio as well as Sauvignon.

In addition to whites, you will also have the opportunity to reward your palate with some of the best Istrian red wines.

An indigenous Istrian variety that should definitely be mentioned in the context of red wines is Teran. Teran has a distinctive ruby red colour with fruity overtones and aromas. The taste of raspberry dominates with its fine aroma and typical fruity character. If you like tannin-rich wines, you should definitely try Teran.

Borgonja is an old Istrian variety that produces a wine with a distinct aroma and harmonious structure. The scent of this refreshing wine recalls forest fruits and flowers, while its colour varies. The alcohol content is not significant in this wine, so it is well paired with pasta, soft and medium-hard cheeses and meat dishes.

Some of the other Istrian red wines to be recommended are the autochthonous Refošk, red Muškat, Merlot, Pinot Nero and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Istrian wine tours for a complete experience

The indigenous varieties of Istrian vines, the centuries-old tradition in wine making and the breath-taking scenery are just part of the special Istrian charm. Enrich your romantic Istrian holiday with a professionally guided Istrian wine tasting.

In addition to professionally guided wine tasting, this special offer includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • The use of bicycle free of charge

Please contact us and let us know your wishes and allow us to afford you a holiday in Istria that you will be happy to remember.

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