How to choose the perfect villa for your summer holiday in Croatia

Can you imagine a gentle sea on the edge of the Mediterranean with more than 1000 islands? Can you imagine a sea with one of the most indented coasts, the most special hosts and customs that everyone is happy to talk about?

The Adriatic is all of that and more.

You have probably heard the stories about the Adriatic, that it is the best sea for summer cruise tours. All those islands, bays, stories and people make every contact with this pearl – absolutely unforgettable.

Regardless of whether you are on a family holiday in Croatia, a romantic gatewat in Istria or something else, a cruise tour on the Adriatic should definitely be on your bucket list when visiting Croatia.

OK! So that’s our opinion, you can disagree if you like, but before doing so ask anyone you want…

Is everything for everyone?

Of course not  – nothing is for everyone. Therefore, the Adriatic is not the best sea for a cruise tour. There are those people who are unable to make the right choices … ok, we’re only kidding. No hard feelings…

As a matter of fact, the Adriatic cruise tour is not the best choice for everyone.

However, if images of beautiful sun-illuminated yachts sailing through the turquoise sea with a pod of dolphins playing alongside your vessel does not tickle your fancy at all, then the Adriatic really might not be the best choice for you.

What can the Adriatic offer me?

Is it true that the Adriatic and sea cruising in general, is reserved for experienced sea dogs, wealthy millennials and celebrities? Maybe you’ve never been on a cruise tour at all…

It is true that long gone are the days when sailing was reserved exclusively for enthusiast sailors and rich people on super yachts, and thanks to the increasing number of cruise tours over the last ten years, there is a boat ready to sail the Adriatic for everyone.

With no previous experience in sailing, with a professional single or two-member crew you can experience summer nights aboard a yacht while being anchored in one of the beautiful ports.

So keep reading and be prepared to book your Adriatic cruise tour by the end of this blog.

What part of the Adriatic should you visit while on board?

You are visiting Croatia and have already discovered how to choose the perfect boat in which to cruise the Adriatic, then the next question is: “Which region should I visit?” You can choose one day and half-day tours, but for a full experience we would ideally recommend at least 5, 6 or 7 days!

Why is Croatia such an attractive sailing location? We have already mentioned some of its advantages, but the indented and diverse coastline is certainly at the top. More than a thousand islands, islets, reefs, remnants of volcanoes and coves descend alongside you as you sail.  It is a paradise for all nature lovers with its mild summer maestral wind, its rich culinary offer and of course, its amazing Istrian wine list!

Sailing through Istria and Kvarner

If you decide to join us, we will take you on a relaxing cruise. You will have the opportunity to discover the unique Brijuni National Park, an island archipelago of 14 islets just 7 kilometres from the Istrian coast, near to Pula and Rovinj.

Mother Nature was really generous in this area, where a small harmonious universe of flora and fauna lives in harmony with historical monuments. Istria is a region with a very rich history – there are at least 7 interesting historical facts about Istria here.

The sailing highlight can be a swim to one of the most interesting beaches, which was hidden for years. The island of Sveti Andrija hiding a number of turquoise bays that could be the place of the most beautiful memories from the cruise along the Istrian coastline. If you just want to stay on deck, with a glass of fine wine, sunshine and relaxing sounds you will certainly not miss a swim.

Wohoo! If you’ve read everything so far, then you are already on the trail of famous sailor’s perseverance who went before you. We hope we haven’t attacked you with too much information, but we are sure it’s enough to help you make the smart holiday decision you deserve.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us – we will be happy to help you.

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