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Istria by Yacht

Discover Brijuni National Park by Yacht

Join us and we will take you for a relaxing cruise with a chance to discover the unique Brijuni National Park, an archipelago spread on 14 islands situated on a 7-km stretch between Pula and Rovinj. Nature has created quite a little paradise here – a true harmony of flora and fauna with ancient historical monuments.

Yacht visit to Lim Channel

Explore the diverse Lim Cannel – a 10 kilometer log estuary of the river Pazincica transforming this wonder of nature to the appearance of a canyon. This sea flora wonder rich with fish, oysters and mussels is a perfect lunch break destination.

Cape Kamenak Yacht Cruise from Pula

Cape Kamenjak diverse archipelago is perfect for discovering the underwater life or simply relaxing on the yacht deck while cruising around numerous bays, Island of Ceja and sandy island of Levan.

Sunset Cruise Rovinj

Have the opportunity to enjoy the view from open sea to Rovinj – one of the most romantic places in the Mediterranean. The town is situated on a former island, on a restricted area with crowded houses, narrow streets and small squares, still untouched by modern urbanism.

Losinj Archipelago Cruise with overnight from Pula

Between Islands of Susak, Unije, Ilovik, Srakane and own of Mali Losinj, the choice is yours – the archipelago of Losinj offers a plethora of choices and beautiful scenery. Wake up in secluded bays, discover the unique atmosphere in sandy Island of Susak and visit historical landmarks in Mali Losinj.

Suggested itinerary destinations for all day cruise

From Rovinj
  • Limski kanal Red Island and St. Andrew’s lighthouse, island of Veštar and Dvije sestrice, Brijuni National Park, coastline of old town Rovinj

From Pula
  • Brijuni National Park, Barbariga bay, Cape Kamenjak, Island of Ceja, sandy island of Levan 

    or Brijuni National Park, Rovinj, Red Island and St. Andrew’s lighthouse, island of Veštar and Dvije sestrice

Suggested itinerary destinations for half day cruise

From Rovinj
  • Limski kanal, Red Island and St. Andrew’s lighthouse, island of Veštar and Dvije sestrice or Vrsar, Red Island and St. Andrew’s lightouse, islands of Veštar and Dvije sestrice

From Pula
  • National park Brijuni, Barbariga, fishing town Fažana

    orCape Kamenjak, Valun, Golumbera cave, Porer, bay Valovine

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