How to choose a boat to sail the Adriatic 

Your sailing should be tailored to your wishes? Don’t you agree?

If your companions are easy-going and love pristine natural beauties whilst at the same time enjoy relaxing at unforgettable summer parties, then cruising the Adriatic is ideal for you.

Besides choosing a suitable yacht, make sure you choose the right time to sail the Adriatic. Consider the expected weather conditions, your budget and also your expectations.

Before you start you will want to make sure that you have not forgotten anything from the list of ‘things to take on a cruise’, and you will now find out which boat is best for sailing the Adriatic.

The answer is really simple, and it is: it depends. It depends on what? On several factors which are:

  • how many of you will be going on the cruise?
  • how long do you want the cruise to last?
  • does the port of departure play an important role for you?

#1 How many of you will be going on the cruise

The time you spend on a yacht certainly means a lot to you. However, if you choose a yacht that does not fit your size, that time may not be the most valuable.

Generally speaking, comfort, stability and safety on board increase with its dimensions. Knowing that yachts have grown over the decades, it is clear to us that they have become safer. It is interesting to know that the vessels have grown so fast that even now there are marinas that cannot accept yachts over 13 or 14 metres. Apart from the size itself, yachts have become more spacious and the space is better used, meaning more comfort for you.

Anyhow, how many of you are going on the cruise? This is the question you must ask yourself when choosing the ideal yacht for cruising the Adriatic. Probably the best way to determine the size of a yacht is by the number of people, including crew members. Everyone should have a cabin bed and the extra beds, which are mostly located in the lounge area, should remain empty. This will allow you to make the most of the space, enjoy the yacht design with more privacy and no restrictions.

#2 How long do you want the cruise to last? 

Let’s say you imagined a short one-day or half-day cruise. The Adriatic is such a breath-taking sea to sail that allows you to see extraordinary natural beauties in a relatively short time too.

There are half day and daily cruise tours from Rovinj and Pula that will perfectly suit your wishes. In this case, choosing a yacht is not and should not be your problem. We will choose the yacht for you, together with the most experienced crew for a tour you will not forget. 

If, on the other hand, you want to spend a week or more on a yacht, you can choose one from a list of charter yachts in Istria.


#3 Does the port of departure play an important role for you?

If your ideal boat for sailing the Adriatic has to be in a port in Pula, Novigrad or Rovinj – no problem. We are here for you.

If you want a yacht berthed in the port of Rovinj – let us introduce you to the Cyrus 13.8 Flybridge. A modern fourteen metre long yacht that can accommodate 9 friends + a skipper. 

This handmade Maiora 20 built by the Tuscan masters of shipbuilding, provides the best of design, beauty and passion for the sea and is anchored in Novigrad. 21 metres from bow to stern guarantee maximum enjoyment for a 12-member group and 2 crew members.

A modern look, elegant lines and a powerful engine are the highlights of the Cyrus 13.8 Hardtop Yacht, for complete enjoyment of your Adriatic cruise. Its home port is ancient Pula.

When choosing the perfect yacht for your sailing cruise, consider these 3 components and you will not go wrong.

If you have any additional questions regarding cruise tours, yachts or accommodation in Istria, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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