A family summer holiday in Croatia that you will just love

If you have been thinking about or are already planning your family’s summer holiday in Croatia, then this is a text that will help you get the most out of it. Although a romantic summer holiday in Croatia has been the most popular form of holiday, this somewhat more modern form has not been neglected either.

The truth is that family holidays are becoming increasingly popular. Nearly one-fifth of British respondents confirmed that they regularly travel with their families and look forward to every future trip with their loved ones.

If you’re among those who are scared of the idea of a holiday with your baby, teenagers, sister or parents – we’re here to try and bring you closer to a family form of holiday. You will see, if smartly planned, it can be even better than partying on the beach with people of your own age.



Enjoy the little things

For most of us, immediately after booking our family accommodation in Istria, we start imagining ideal, almost utopian scenarios, and then, once we arrive at our destination, a slap in the face follows.

So do not allow yourself any utopian daydreaming, expect a good time, and then the universe and the local hosts from Istria will surprise you and deliver a family holiday that you will absolutely adore. Simple, seemingly irrelevant activities such as going to the grocery store can be time well spent. Did you know that Irish poet Seamus Heaney wrote a poem about the unforgettable experience of peeling potatoes with his mother? You don’t have to go that far, but let’s just say, going to the grocery store or walking along historic streets can be classed as quality time spent on your holiday.


One thing is certain. You won’t be bored.

Perhaps the biggest fear associated with family holiday is the fear of boredom. 

What if the children, or even worse, the teenagers, get bored?

The truth is, teenagers are the loudest when it comes to the disadvantages of family holidays. It is as if they suddenly turn into Kanye West. What you have to do is transform the situation in your favour.

Once your teenager complains that he/she is bored, pull an ace from up your sleeve. Explain to him/her how boredom is the source of all creative ideas. Here, let’s say they have an Instagram profile. Let them show their followers how they’re having a great time. Istria or Grožnjan abound in sites that are just waiting to end up on a Facebook or Instagram feed.


Discuss sticky situations in time

You can avoid problems, troubles and tears. It is important that you discuss all those potentially sticky situations before travelling to Croatia (this applies especially to those of you travelling with other families).

A five-minute talk about potential problematic situations can save you the agony of when the time to go to bed should be, requests at a restaurant, or the amount of sweets and snacks that should be allowed.

Plan everything you can and let the rest go its own way. Book your parking at the airport, don’t forget your child’s favourite toy … but be sure to let your family holiday develop as spontaneously as possible. 


Shut your eyes to some bad behaviour

You have to take into account that climate change, routines and different times of going to sleep affect children. Allow them “moments of weakness” during family holidays.

Although family villas in Istria are modernly equipped, including Internet access, teens could find hidden locations that may not be reached by Wi-Fi. Allow them some misbehaviour for a possible omission.  They are millennials after all, accustomed to the Internet being in every corner of the planet.

This is also valid for the older family members. Local Istrian wines can get you particularly cheerful. Especially when combined with pleasant summer evenings, a terrace by a private pool and a relaxed lifestyle during those few days or weeks away.

After all, you are a family, and families always stick together. We are sure that your summer holidays in Croatia will be no different. The Istrian people are great hosts, the surrounding countryside is stunning and there is plenty to do.

Your family holiday in Croatia is sure to be a memorable one.

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