How to choose the perfect villa for your summer holiday in Croatia

Villas are a popular choice when it comes to accommodation for a summer holiday with your family, friends or for a romantic summer holiday in Istria.

Villas in Croatia can offer much more than any other hotel accommodation.

They are an especially excellent choice for large families or group of friends looking for a special dose of comfort and prestige. All those luxurious furnishings, modern lighting fixtures and a number of additional contents make villas stand out as a different type of summer holiday in Croatia. Moreover, villas are spacious and offer a sense of security, privacy and peace.

#Choose a spacious villa for optimal pleasure in privacy

Once you’ve opted for a summer holiday in a villa, choose the optimum pleasure. With regard to space, there is probably no better accommodation for your holiday in Istria. Bedrooms, the kitchen and bathrooms are as spacious as a garden, terrace and a pool.

Villas mostly have at least 3-4 rooms, and are often two floor houses with spacious courtyards. Let’s take, for example, villa Cali with 4 bedrooms, a private parking area and a 65 m2 pool and spa area for your complete relaxation.

This kind of villa can be found exactly in the Istrian interior, just half an hour’s drive away from the sea. They are often situated on top of a hill, far away from curious neighbours and hoards of passers-by. If you want to spend the entire day, even during dinnertime, in your bathing suit, then a summer holiday in a villa is exactly what you need.

Your summer holiday should be a time for yourself, a time to charge your batteries and for relaxation with your nearest and dearest. Places such as Oprtalj or Momjan in Istria are ideal for that kind of holiday. Enjoy a glass of some of the best Istrian wines while relaxing by the pool, without any of those too loud children (assuming that your little ones obey) and hundreds of random passers-by.

#Choose a villa with all the necessary amenities

The amenities you may expect in a villa often exceed those found in the best hotels. Besides spacious terraces, courtyards, bedrooms, kitchen and fun areas, villas are also equipped with all the amenities necessary for an easy-going modern holiday.

So if you are looking for a modernly furnished outdoor terrace for the most tasteful dinners against the most pleasant backdrop, a spacious outdoor pool, a sunbathing area, safety cameras, air conditioning, satellite TV, plasma TV, unlimited Wi-Fi, a specially furnished office area, safe and fashionable furniture – then a summer holiday in villa in Istria is all that you need.

Your hosts will often provide additional activities to make your holiday content-interesting. If you want breakfast served when you wake up and another two meals or a full fridge, transport services, a yacht excursion and adrenaline-filling activities, book your summer holiday in villa Cali immediately.

#The truly perfect villa in Croatia is a combination of both modern and historic

Isn’t the perfect villa a combination of a rich historical heritage (that Croatia of course does not lack) together with all the modern tourist requirements the one for all those looking for a special type of holiday?

Imagine you can book, let’s say a week of your holiday in a modernly furnished villa which is actually a 19th century craftsman’s house?

Villa Momiano is exactly that!

The perfect place to escape from the loud, overcrowded everyday life in the heart of Istria’s wine country. If you are in search of a place where you can enjoy the sun, the shade, reading or having fun with a group of friends, then choose a villa that can offer you all of that.

From the perfect villa you can enjoy a breath-taking view over the most famous Croatian vineyards, which are sure to awaken any almost forgotten feelings and emotions you may have within.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable adventure and a holiday worthy of kings.

Choose the best Croatian villas!

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